Realities of a Ferrari-Glock (Agency Arms)

Realities of a Ferrari-Glock (Agency Arms)

January 03, 2018

No one can deny that Agency Arms has pretty much taken the top spot in complete package Glock performance pistols.  They modify everything from re-contouring the frame, trigger work, and adding grip texture (stippling).  They also mill the slides for weight reduction, front serrations, sight placement changes, and optic mounting.

When it comes to performance Glocks, there are two types of people.  You either want one, or you don't.  And normally if you don't, its only because you don't like Glocks.  The performance modification industry isn't new, Wilson Combat and others have been in the game for a really long time.  So for all of the haters out there, who see this as a social media fad, time will prove you wrong.

And just like Wilson Combat 1911's and shotguns, Agency Arms Glocks are pricey.  However, shoot one and you will realize quickly, you get a lot of "bang for your buck" (pun intended).

So with that starting point, lets break down my personal G17 Urban Combat from Agency Arms.

Starting with the slide and working our way down, the Urban Combat series of cuts features significant weight reduction in the form of windows on both the right and left side as well as the top of the slide.  Agency's signature front and rear serrations (DNA Collectors) are added and give a much more generous purchase when manipulating the slide compared to factory slide serrations.

More steel was removed in the rear of the slide to facilitate the installation of a Trijicon RMR optic.  And while this isn't an addition I recommend for all shooters, it is an excellent tool for quick acquisitions and follow-up shots.  

On this model, the rear dovetail sights were not moved forward of the RMR cut however I do recommend that option.  I have Trijicon Suppressor-height sights installed to allow complete co-witness with my RMR.  If you plan on utilizing an optic on your pistol, upgrading the sights to a height that can co-witness allows the shooter to maintain practiced fundamentals and can be used as a back-up if the battery or optic fails.

The slide houses Agency's Premier Line hexagonal match grade barrel, stainless guide rod and recoil spring.

The frame modifications re-contour the grip, removing the finger groves.  An undercut is added to the trigger guard allowing for a higher purchase on the frame.  The accelator cut  along with forward stippling allows the shooter to engage his grip with more fingers.... wait for it.... yes, more fingers.  In a proper modern pistol grip, thumbs should remain forward with your dominant thumb resting on the less dominant thumb.  Grip is maintained with equal pressure of your palms and grip.

With an accelerator cut, your less dominant thumb can index on the accelerator cut's stippling helping the user to maintain muzzle control.  This is much easier to perform than describe here in words.  But it works and you get one more finger helping you control the pistol.

Material has also been removed around the magazine release, allowing the pistol to maintain a smaller profiled mag release button while creating easier access during reloads.  Normally, this is only feasible with extended mag buttons on race guns, but those modifications inhibit the use of holsters for concealed carry.

Last, but not least, my pistol also has the flared Agency magwell assisting with easier magazine loading.

As a complete package, its impressive.  However, you don't buy a Ferrari because its pretty... well maybe some people do.  In reality, you buy a Ferrari becuase its fast!  The Agency Arms G17 is no different.  Its pretty, but it can make you a stud on the range.  One of the best marketing tools I have is to just let people shoot them, they sell themselves.

Is it worth it?  You can buy a Geo Metro and it will get you from Point A to Point B.  But a Ferrari gets you there faster, and in more comfort and style.  When your life is on the line, do you want a donkey in your stable or a thoroughbred?  So to answer the question... Yes it is.



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