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Our Mission

To provide the most complete services, advanced protection techniques, and educational tools to combat a modern threat arena.

The Fortis Project is a Veteran Owned small business, located in beautiful Greer, SC. Consulting and training opportunities are available internationally, and our shooting target designs are sold across the United States at businesses, ranges and LE Training Centers that embrace our training philosophy. We are all students, students pursuing excellence in each of our area's of operation. The Fortis Project is here to help you achieve that excellence. 

Prior to The Fortis Project, I served in the United States Air Force as an Anti-Terrorism Officer under Air Force Reserve Command. Attending Air Force Special Operations School, my focus was on intelligence applications and counter-surveillance. From 2008-2012, I operated in an out of Southwest Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe working on executive protection details and reconnaissance assessments.

In 2012, I started Pandion Tactical while still working nights as a Police Officer. Over the course of five years, Pandion Tactical evolved into The Fortis Project in 2017. Our consulting serivces expanded and our training programs led to the development of our shooting targets. 

Thanks for visiting us, please let me know how we can best serve you.
Kevin Byrd- Owner, Director of Training

Veteran Owned Small Business
01/SOT Federal Firearms Licensee
Cage Code: 7Y0Y1
Duns: 080858477
SC Vendor: 7000253636