From age 22 to 32, I was engulfed in a career of risk vs reward. Counter-terrorism, force protection, and executive protection turned into warrants and violent crime as I transitioned out of the Global War on TerrorĀ and into a police uniform.

I saw first hand the lack of training, and use of antiquated visual tools incorporated into state sanctioned weapons qualifications. Today, your average police office lacks basic understanding on the human anatomy as it relates to his career field. Capable shooters are key, more-so we need to rely on competent decision makers.

I have devoted myself to developing curriculums and range targets that address an evolution of the warrior. Warriors are adapting to a world where their decisions are not merely judged in a court room. Our target designs, when used in conjunction with proper training, create an unmatched education.

Virtute Alisque - On Wings With Courage
Kevin Byrd, President
The Fortis Project