The Fortis Project's targets incorporate combat efficient shot placement, precision, and accuracy.  Every target is adaptable for various range scenarios, and you will find our targets to be manufactured of the highest quality to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, including inclement wet weather.

Bulk pricing and retail packaging available for dealers.
All orders placed on this website are loose (non packaged) targets only. 

Skeletal Mod1

Multi-Purpose Mod1

El Sizzler

Shot Caller

Why Ours Are Better

Unlike traditional law enforcement training silhouettes, all of our silhouettes feature anatomically correct shot placement zones that focus around vital organs and systemic arteries.

Why Ours Save Lives

Specifically designed to address training deficiencies currently created with state sanctioned qualification targets. Our targets help train reactive response and prevent combatable wounds. 

Arc Division testing with our original Skeletal Mod0 targets.