Carbine Employment Techniques

The Fortis Project

This carbine-only course is designed to emphasize body mechanics, accuracy, and weapon manipulation while stressing the mind and body.  Though focusing on the M16/AR15 platforms, any carbine weapon system is welcome.   There is a walk then run philosophy to this course.  High energy stressors are incorporated throughout the day.           

  • Duration: 6-8 Hours
  • Price: $350 Individual / $2,500 Agency (10 Students)
  • Please contact us prior to booking.


  • Stress on the mind and body - The Defensive Mindset
  • Sight alignment/sight picture
  • Trigger control
  • Trigger reset and follow through
  • Physics behind stance
  • Forward grip techniques and advantages
  • Shot placement - combat efficiency
  • Speed and administrative reloads
  • Malfunctions
  • Practical application of rifle shooting positions
  • Dynamics of movement
  • Introduction to shooting on the move
  • Individual and team competitions

Hardware Required:

  • Carbine (M16/AR15 Preferred), have zeroed before class.
  • Factory ammunition, 400rds.
  • Snap caps, dummy 10rds
  • Appropriate clothing for weather and course.
  • Battle belt or chest rig, a method of securing at least 3 rifle magazines.
  • 1pt or 2pt sling.
  • Eye and ear protection, sunscreen, hat, hydration, lunch.
  • Tools, lube, spare parts.
  • Gloves and knee pads are *optional*.

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