CET2 - 2 Day

The Fortis Project

Advanced application of carbine operation and the employment of a secondary weapon system.  High energy stressors are incorporated into this course.  You are expected to come into this course with prior professional training, or come from an operational background to include LEO SWAT/Military/Competition.    

  • Duration: 14-16 Hours, Split over 2 Days
  • Price: $600 Individual / $4,500 Agency (10 Students)
  • Please email us prior to registration.


  • Stress on the Mind and Body - The Defensive Mindset
  • Simplicity-Consistency-Control, Techniques for Speed and Manipulation
  • Transitioning to Off Hand
  • Transitioning to Pistol
  • Use of Cover, Shooting From Cover
  • Shooting On The Move
  • Unconventional Positions, Discuss Practical Application
  • Communicating, Team Movements
  • Speed Work
  • Heavy Emphasis on Consistent and Accurate Shot Placement
  • Individual and Team Competitions

Hardware Required:

  • Carbine (M16/AR15 Preferred), Have Zeroed Before Class.
  • Pistol (Semi-Auto)
  • Factory Rifle Ammo, 500rds Ball, No Steel Core Penetrator
  • Factory Pistol Ammo, 200rds Ball
  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather and Course.
  • Battle Belt or Chest Rig, a Method of Securing at least 3 Rifle Mags.
  • Holster, Method of Securing at least 2 Pistol Mags.
  • 1pt or 2pt Sling.
  • Eye and Ear Protection, Sunscreen, Hat, Hydration, Lunch.
  • Tools, Lube, Spare Parts.
  • Gloves and Knee Pads are *Optional*.

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